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Salve everyone, Our Populace meeting for May was the best one yet. We began with music by Alaric and Pace. It was wonderful and set the mood!! We had 25 members attend and the food brought by everyone was great.Almost everyone was in garb. It was very cool!! I even saw a fire fighter sneak in and grab some. I am still  dreaming and eating the Baklava that James brought ! Good with coffee!  Our A&S display was wonderful and I learned of the talent's of some of our members.
  Bordermarch's event in Nov. will prove to be very big. We have been asked once again to do security for them. We have 2 weeks to think about it and then begin earnestly volunteering. If we have enough people then we can do shifts and have some play time too.  We will be bringing our 4x4 Mule to ride in if this helps sway some! I myself would like to watch merchant's row! Oh the pain of watching the shopping and visiting the shops while working! Woah is me, and who would like to help me with this terrible thing??!   :) Please consider going and doing a shift, they will need to know ahead of time and our not being able to assist them when given this honor, would be sad to say the least. Enough said!.
   In 2009 we will hopefully do another Raven's March with Bordermarch. Planning is not in the works yet.
  Our 26th Defender of the Fort was given much talk. Their Majesties will attend and a Pelican Circle and Royal Huntsmen will be held then. Our event will be large and everyone will need to help. The Quoth has all the details, please subscribe if you haven't done so yet. The Quoth Quest has started!!
  Our Reeve position is needing applicants as it is up at the end of this month. Be thinking of next year's budget for your office . We all need to keep track of our budget so we can see when we are close to spending it all
  We will need field Heralds at our event. Mistress Jalali sang the list at Bordermarch. I hope she will consider doing some at Defender. We need others as well.
  Our Quoth is really looking good. Alaric had to actually add pages this month. Vivat to our creative writers. More original artwork is needed for future editions.
  Lady Eleanor has loaned her scribal stuff to Alaric and we will soon meet to make the scrolls for Defender. Remember to turn in any awards you think may be deserved soon so we have time to get them turned in and ready. Think of people who have done much for our Barony this past year and 'get er done'!!
  Our Guilds are up and running. The Quoth has all of the meetings posted in it.
 Our Baronial Guard has named Marie de Meax as lieutenant . They will be meeting soon to measure and begin sewing.  It would be cool if our Guard could wear their capes and do security at Bordermarch Ram War in Nov.  It would look really nice and we would be highly visible??
  The Hat luncheon will be run by Lady Marie at Defender. 
  I may have left something out but this is the jest of it all.
  I am still needing a Huntsville phone book if anyone coming over today. 

 YIS, Arrivederci, Giovanna

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