[Ravensfort] War in Bordermarch!

CAC giovanna51 at yahoo.com
Wed May 7 04:54:09 PDT 2008

Hello everyone, I have come to bug you into helping with Bordermarch's Autumn Melees. Actually a WAR! They will have up to 1000 people and have asked for our help---  Bordermarch's event in Nov. will prove to be very big. We have been asked once again to do security for them. We have 2 weeks to think about it and then begin earnestly volunteering. If we have enough people then we can do shifts and have some play time too.  We will be bringing our 4x4 Mule to ride in if this helps sway some! I myself would like to watch merchant's row! Oh the pain of watching the shopping and visiting the shops while working! Woah is me, and who would like to help me with this terrible thing??!   :) Please consider going and doing a shift, they will need to know ahead of time and our not being able to assist them when given this honor, would be sad to say the least. Enough said!.
  Okay one week has gone down! PLEASE consider this opportunity to help our sister Barony to the East!  Pace and I are volunteering as we did last time they asked. Who else will go and do a shift? Remember the more going the less time actually  spent doing security. How about a household helping do a shift? YIS, G

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