[Ravensfort] berries! They're here!

m meaux m_meaux05 at yahoo.com
Sun May 11 13:22:25 PDT 2008

Wow!  Sarcasm does translate over this thing! *grin*

Sounds like when we have the next berry pickin' session, we will have a multitude of people interested in helping.  I tend to eat almost as much as I pick, so not sure how much help I am really gonna be!

Can't wait to see everyone again!  

Lady Marie de Meaux
MOAS who is also wondering how to use berry juice for period dye!

"James L. Van Roekel" <jamesvr at gmail.com> wrote: Obviously.  I was just saying....

On May 9, 2008, at 8:29 PM, byzytym wrote:

> It's up to Giovanna if we can come up at a different time.
> V NV
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>> My wife is interested as well, I would be interested in carpooling
>> and/or caravaning.
>> James

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