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Sun May 18 05:53:28 PDT 2008

Dear Barony, Sorry to be out of touch but Pace and I went to Enchanted Rock these past 5 days and I am climbed out! We had so much fun with my son. I finally went through the cave there, the whole way! I have bruises everywhere! It was a blast! I also took a fall on my elbow and hip, and broke nothing,yeah for calcium! Okay too much info! Tee hee!
Anyway, we are back and I will see you at the Business meeting tomorrow night at Enjays .
 Sorry the berries didn't work out. They are very puny this year and not very many. Last year I couldn't pick them fast enough. And that was in March! Weird!
 Thanks for the following reports, Marshall and Herald.  We wanted to make the birthday party today especially since it is both of our birthdays! But gas had gone up again by the time we came home! And then there is the drive to business tomorrow. sad thing to have gas sooo high. I remember it being 25 cents when I went to Sam in the 70's! YIS, G

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