[Ravensfort] Business Meeting Tonight

fionna at suddenlink.net fionna at suddenlink.net
Mon May 19 10:41:08 PDT 2008

Well, I don't think Ivan and I are going to make it to the Business 
Meeting tonight.  The last week has just been nuts with stuff 
happening.  Last Wednesday night,we are pulling up to the house and see 
that our mailbox has been run over and flattened.  The same time storms 
came through, and ripped up our roof enough to create a leak right over 
our bed.  And Thursday night, we get home to find little Loki 
cockatoo's toe was trapped in his cage.  At first we thought it was 
fine just swollen.  then Friday morning, I guess the toe was bothering 
him, because he decided to rip some of the skin off so it bled and was 
then just raw oozing meat.  It wasn't looking any better as the 
afternoon went along so we wound up taking him to the vet on an 
emergency basis Friday night.  Exams, x-rays and 3 medications later we 
get to go home.  He's still not wanting to eat and wants to chew on 
that toe, so I'm pretty well carting him around with me everywhere I 
go, including work.  

So, between the several hundred dollars of roof repair and vet bills, 
plus carting Loki with me everywhere (I doubt he'd be allowed in Enjae 
lol), we're not going to make it to the meeting tonight.  However, I 
have LOADS of cell phone minutes.  So *please call* if anyone needs 
anything...  I have AT&T, if anyone else does it should be free mobile 
to mobile minutes I think...


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