[Ravensfort] New project for work weekend and beyond

Mike Gamber lococnc at consolidated.net
Sun Dec 6 18:28:35 PST 2009

We are going to be constructing a platform, 6' off the ground, 6' deep and 8' wide that will have a great view of the list field. Ultimately it will expand into a stage 8' x 8' with a 8' x 6' 3 sided and covered back part. Kind of hard to describe in email, but bottom line is it will be a great place to put a band, or bards, or even your royal thrones.

Anyway, we have a lot of the material we need already to construct this. If anyone has 8' 2x6 and 2x4s that they can donate to the construction it would be appreciated. Also since we will be starting on this next weekend, anyone that wants to work on this let me know.

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