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Hello everyone,
   I saw the news about Lorraine and know that our Barony is sending good thoughts and prayers her way. I wish her the best,  MDA is the best hospital for things of that nature.I
 know she is getting the best care she can.
   Thanks to everyone who came out to Yule. It did my heart good to see all of our friends visiting and having fun. We missed those who couldn't come and said so at feast! I was glad so many met Joel and he has vowed to learn all of the words to his BIG song for next year!! Private joke for those who missed it! 
  I will bring lost and found to Populace in Jan.
  We have a workday this coming weekend at our new site. Which by the way still has no name so get a feel for it at Crown and we will toss a few around

               Big news=  Application deadlines are nearing and I have none!
 Hospitaler, Knight Marshall are due to me by the end of this month.
    Herald needs one too, it is up in June as well as a deputy for that office and Chronicler. Reeve will be up in June. 
 And I announced app deadline for Seneschal is March 31.   We need a Hospitaler and Knight Marshall now!  ALL of these positions have to be filled to continue our Baronial status. Think about it especially if you haven't held an office in a while or never have. Please help us out here.  
 Have a safe and happy Yule and New Year and get those apps in ASAP! Don't make me come find you and twist your arm!!!    Much love, G

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