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Ouch...well take care of yourself chica cuz we want to see you around the next weekend and the next and the next....
Ok so, this weekend is a work weekend at the new site (which still needs a name so lets come up with sommat clever) for the upcoming Crown Tournament in January!!  Things that need to be taken care of are mostly things that need to be done with a group of a few good men :)  other than those things, if you want a personal campsite then please come out and work on that.  Mike has proposed to make a viewing stand, bandstand, what have you, for us to use.  If anyone has any wood to donate to that cause that would be awesome!!


The weather looks to be chilly and cold Saturday morning.  I personally wont be on site until Sunday, when the temp is supposed to get up to the 70's.  I plan on clearning out the fenceline of dead debris, and then just clearing up trees around the list field.  If you plan on camping and have a period tent please let me know so I can make sure we have the period tents up around the field in the open areas.   


Brian, are you coming out this weekend to mark out the list field?  If so what day are you planning on doing that I need to make sure I am there with you!


I believe that is all...those of you that are under the weather please get better.  We want to have you all a part of our Barony in many days to come!

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Don't know if I'll be at the work weekend.  Waiting to see if I have bronchitis or pneumonia.  
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