[Ravensfort] Work weekend

kris hoffman mirabelis_ at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 28 11:28:13 PST 2009

Ok so, for the work weekend this weekend, I will be available on Saturday....I have plans on Sunday, so hopefully Alaric and Brian will be out on Saturday??? hoping hoping........

We need to get the list field and parking lot surveyed, other than that everything looks to be in order.  I plan on going out this week and spreading some more grass seed to get some rye to come up in more than just patches.  

Also, we need tables, I dont know who is heading that up, but we need more than a few.  Giovanna how many do you have at the ranch that you will be bringing??  We might need a few more than what you have so I want to make sure that if we need some from site someone can go get them.  We need to make sure we have waterbearing supplies somewhere, who has the containers and such?  Do we need to get some supplies for that?


Please Please Please sign up for gate shifts!!!!  This is a pretty important piece of machinery to keeping this event going!!!  


Please Please Please volunteer to help with waterbearing!!!  


Get to work on your campsite!!!


ok thats all for now...the crackings of the whip shall resume at a later date...

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