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Sun May 3 17:15:56 PDT 2009

I spent some time at the new site in Conroe this afternoon. 

The site is starting to look pretty good.  The weeds and wood trash has been cleaned up from behind the barn.  There are a few new gates and two very friendly horses on site now.  I met the horse's owner and his very cute girlfriend today.

Michael and I pulled some of the large trunks of hardwood off the very large pile he plans to torch in the near future. They have been cut in to manageable pieces and stacked in  the Tavern.  We also cut-up a giant pine trunk that is now arranged as seating around the fire-ring.  

We will be given advanced notice before the big wood pile is torched.  It will burn for several days so it will probably be started on a Friday.  He said we could make a camping weekend out of it if we like.

Grass seed has been spread over the entire Tavern area.  With any luck we will get several small showers over the next week.  Anyone that is interested in seeding their camping area can pick up a bag that will cover 30,000 square feet for forty dollars at Wal-Mart.  

The other group ( I can't remember what they are called ) are planning to do some work out there next weekend.  I am sure that they would not mind help if anyone would like to lend a hand.  In fact anyone that wants to work out there need only get in touch with Michael to arrange the time.

Vlod NotVlad

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