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There was two ( and a few extra ) boxes of bread rolls left over after the event.  
The "a few" have already been given away since the box was already open from the event.  
I will buy one of the boxes myself so the Barony will not lose money on that one.  
Kitsune has one box in her freezer. ( the bread came frozen )  
She will bring the box from her freezer to be given away at populace.  
The populace is welcome to bring zip-locks to take a few each home.  
A one gallon zip-lock bag will hold 5 or 6 rolls depending on which brand you buy.  
So there it is.  
Free bread for the Nobles and peasants alike.
See you at populace.

Vlod NotVlad

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  Giovanna also said to tell Ravens Fort that VNV will be bring the leftover bread to Populace.  Those interested in taking some home should bring something to put it in.

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