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Fermented mare's milk.... not beer.


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Happy Kublai Khan Day!

Kublai (grandson of Genghis) elected Khan on 5 May 1260

Not sure what kind of beer to drink for that.  Charles?


byzytym wrote:
> Cinco de Mayo salutations, y'all.
> This celebration has always seemed a little strange to me.
> It is a celebration of Mexico's victory over the French at the battle of Puebla on the 5th of May 1862.
> The dirty little secret about this is the fact that on May 17th 1863 the French retook the city.
> The French had invaded Mexico because it was not making payments on debts to its European lenders.
> Not wanting to be cheated on good faith loans France did not discourage easily.
> They went on to capture the Capital and on May 28th 1864 Maximilian was formally crowned Emperor of Mexico.
> So May turned out to be a pretty good month for the French after all.
> Unfortunately for France, the American Civil War came to an end the next year.
> Had it not been for the U.S. freebees to the Mexican rebels most people in south Texas would now hear les sons du francais.
> Being from Louisiana, I would not mind that at all.
> Perhaps Mexico should pick another month and day to celebrate since the May 5th victory was so short lived.
> As for me, today I will adorn myself with the fleur de lis and seek a sassy French beer.
>  I include wikipedia sites not so much for the accuracy of their facts, but rather for the cool art work they usually use.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_intervention_in_Mexico
>  Paix,
>  "what shall it profit a man,
> if he shall gain the whole world,
> and lose his own soul ?"
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