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Yes this is a shameless plug for my son's new venture. But the stove is very small and compact, great for truck camping etc. Now I will return to normal SCA stuff. YIS, G

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Hey guys,

I just came up with a new business called "Naturality" and I have
just put my first product on ebay:
The Copperhead Ultralight Alcohol Stove.

It is a very efficient, lightweight backpacking stove kit that burns alcohol. 
I make these out of the "keg" type beer cans, so most of the materials
I use are recycled, so to speak.
I wanted to tell you guys about it because I thought you all might be
interested.  If you like my alcohol stove kit and want one, just send me an
email and I will custom make you a stove for $15 (you can drink the two beers if
you want first), and obviously you wont need to pay shipping costs if you live
near me.

The photos are cool so if you dont want one, check it out anyways.  Please pass
this on to any friends who wont think it is spam and might want one
(backpackers, campers, boaters, etc).  if I can sell the 10 I have listed on
ebay I will set up a website/store and start sending them to podcasts for
testing and hopefully start a great small business supporting my CDT hike.  This
might be the first step of my goal of turning backpacking into a living so help
me out if you need one!

BioGuy aka Joel Janssen

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