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Sun May 10 10:12:43 PDT 2009

Yesterday I spent a little more time with Michael and Patrick working on the new site.  While they mowed with the tractor and cut lower branches, I hand mowed the tavern area.  The open portion of the site looks manicured.  

Since there has been no rain after I spread grass seed over the Tavern I hand watered the entire area.  That took about two hours.  Hopefully we will have little sprouts in a few days.  With any luck they will be supported by a few light showers.

Michael is planning to torch the very large burn pile next weekend starting on Friday.  If we wait we could be caught by burn bans which could interfere with our Crown Tourney site clean up.  We are welcome to camp throughout the weekend to help keep an eye on the fire.  It would be good if we could make at least a small overnight showing since the pile is being burned so we can use the field as a parking lot if we get Crown.  I will be there for Friday.  I am not so sure about Saturday night.  Please let's show that the Barony cares about developing this site by having volunteers there Saturday night.

Anyone wishing to arrange a time to work on the new site can get in touch with Michael at 936-499-1452.  He can take text messages at that number. 

In service to the Barony,
Vlod NotVlad
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