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Wed Nov 4 12:56:54 PST 2009

Weekly plug by your friendly neighborhood autocrat...


This weekend looks to be a gorgeous weekend for site work!! anyone that is interested in going to site to work on their personal campsites please feel free to do so!! I will be going to Coronation in the lands of the North and will not be around, but people are more than welcome to go out and work!!  I would like to have a map of personal camping areas by the first weekend of January, so find a spot and call it yours, just make sure it doesnt belong to someone else first!


Michelle and I will be out there with grass seed on Tuesday about 10am in the tavern area. 

If anyone else has any more grass seed to contribute please leave it this weekend at site or get it up to site or sommat so that we can spread some seed.  We'll start up at the front of the area and work our way to the list field.  Manicuring the fencelines and the trees around the list field, personal campsite clean outs, thats about all we have left to do.  


Remember next weekend the 14th and 15th is a work weekend.  As many folks as we can get out to do group effort stuff would be great!  Also, it is going to be cold in January, and I'm really pushing this to be a camping weekend, so lets save any substantial wood we have for a tourney fire.  Dont want our patrons to freeze!!!  

Questions, comments, concerns, ideas etc...let me know!!

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