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Greetings to All,

Forwarded as per request.


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Subject: Submissions Requested for Known World Handbook

Last Call for submissions to the Known World Handbook is Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2009. Please post to your groups.

Email: kwh at sca.org
Fill out the release form as well: http://www.sca.org/docs/pdf/kwhrelease.pdf

Still missing coverage on the following topics (but not limited to):

· Basic Starter Garb - Male

· Basic Starter Garb - Female

· SCA Youth Combat Overview

· Preparing to Fight in the SCA

· Creating a Starter Rattan/Hard-Suit

· Fighting/Armor Kit

· Creating a Starter Rapier

· Fighting/Armor Kit

· Your First Tournament (Be it 20 years ago, or 20 days ago)

· Fighting Etiquette

· Chivalry & the Concepts of Honor

· Basic Rattan/Hard-Suit Fighting Styles

· Basic Rapier Fighting Styles

· Basic Rattan/Hard-Suit Drills

· Basic Rapier Drills

· Brief Kingdom Histories* (It doesn't take long to write 100-500 words)

· Specific Kingdom Customs*

*Regarding Brief Kingdom Histories and Specific Kingdom Customs: we are seeking 1-2 paragraphs describing what makes your Kingdom unique, what traditions make up the heart and soul of who your Kingdom is and what transpired to bring your Kingdom into existence. These should be exciting and enticing stories recounting the glory of your Kingdom and not just a laundry list of facts. These will likely be compiled from many different authors. 

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