[Ravensfort] Work Weekend, THIS WEEKEND!!!

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Has wheelbarrow to bring.  We will be out a bit later in the afternoon, but I can swing by and drop the wheelbarrow off early if need be.  It's a larger one with two wheels.  Camp site picked for us!


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 Greetings from your friendly neighborhood Crown Tourney Autocrat, yes once again!!

This weekend is a scheduled work weekend at our new site in Willis.  I will be out on Saturday around 10am or so to begin work.  I will not be able to make it out on Sunday, but hope to get lots done on Saturday with a combined group effort!!  There isnt much to do, and with a few hands we can get what needs to be done accomplished and folks can work on their personal campsites.  I really need to know where folks have claimed land back there, so if you are on site and you have a campsite please let me know where it is!!   I will make some copies of the work list of things that need to be done and if we have the manpower we can take a crack at some of the bigger things that need to be done. 
Yesterday Runa, Irial, Gregor and I went to site and did a bit of work.  We evened out the dirt spots on the list field, and Gregor cut branches off of the big tree so we can get under it with a tractor.  There is grass seed on the property, and Runa has a bag, so if it looks like rain on Sunday then we need to make sure the grass gets thrown out on Saturday late or on Sunday sometime.   I can come out Sunday afternoon and do it if it looks like the weather will cooperate! 
My goal this weekend is to bring a couple of wagons to pick up fallen branches and those that we cut off of the hanging limbs so we can make a pile somewhere.  There are some logs that will make good firewood but they need to be cut up, and that can be done at a later time, if someone has a chainsaw we can do that later after we collect the pile.  There is firewood out there, I have a tree that needs a chainsaw to it as well that i can contribute.  
I believe that is all, weather looks to be nice and cool both days.  Please bring out water and snacks as I am broke and can not feed the army :(  But, I will give you much praise and word fame!!!!!  If we wanted to do a potluck lunch then that would be awesome, I might could come up with some drinks in a cooler for folks :) 

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