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Wed Nov 11 09:24:49 PST 2009

I Centurian Michael send these words,


A great army stands at our boarder, our kingdoms boarder. .. Last year a king no less than a king took our sacred standard and did horrid things to it.. We drove that kingdom back.. that kingdom of Glen Auben..Again they come. again they challange our resolve. 


WE are all of ANSTEORRA. ..  every one. Brothers and Sisters.. Freind and Foe.. Lay down that plow, lay down that stone, lay down that loom.. lay down all that would take you  from the fight. Stand you ready, Stand you ready to serve the Crown. 


It is not that they would dare set foot on our soil, not that they would dare challange us or  our dread and mighty crown.. no..brothers and sisters.. The took our mighty and sacred black star and ... did more than drive it to the ground... 


I say we take that great and powerfull star.. the sable star.. and raise it high so all may see, I say we take the dead foes and make a piller to raise that banner pole... that star..the one great star... the SABLE STAR OF ANSTEORRA 


Centurian Michael

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