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There are several other groups using the Ansteorra mailing lists that have
their replies set-up this way. I have found that when using the Ansteorra
mailing lists, it is easier to just double-check the header information
before I send.

The reason groups have things set-up this way is to help prevent foot in
mouth (or keyboard in mouth) disease.  I have had no problems using this
system.  On the rare ocaision I forget to "reply to all," I just "forward"
my previous email to the list.


On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 3:48 AM, mike dowdy <mdowdy999 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> folks,
>  is there any reason why this list is like none like any of the other
> kingdom lists.. where it instead of going to the list it goes to the
> person??? why cant it go to the list and not the person.. from personal
> experance this is crazy. I have done everything from reply to myself to send
> crap out thiniing it went to the list.. , send stuff to the wrong person...
>  .. and.. on and on.. (no really it has happend!!! no poo you were there..
> not to mention we are the only folks in the SCA and non SCA that I know of
> that do it this way.... )
> You go to reply to the list.. and get a person, ya think said person went
> to the list.. common.. every other group goes to the list!!! We all need to
> be on same page !!!.. ya go to coastal.. ya get coastal.. ya go to any
> barony or shire .. ya get that addy.. We dont.. I know from personal
> experance how this can cause personal problems. Is there any reason why we
> dont do it the way everyone else does other than the arugument if they
> jumped off a 500' cliff we would?
> If it works for the rest of the kingdom why the devil did we need to change
> things up or better yet why did we?.. it darn near kills us near techno
> stuipid folks.
> Michael
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> Burton just looks that big ol' storm right square in the eye and he says,
> "Give me your best shot, pal"   Jack Burton
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>  Goats are perfectly period, and Scots prefer sheep....
> Kitsune running away
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>  So can I just say my goat is really a period hound or do I have to be
> Scottish for that?
> Irial Mulcahee
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