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Mon Nov 23 08:47:53 PST 2009

So, the weekend of the 14th we had a site work weekend.  Turnout was rather low, I dont know if anyone came out on that Sunday or not, if you did then thank you sooooo much!  But,  we did have 3 folks from the other group that uses site come out; Runa, V NV, and me from Ravensfort, Fiacha from the Steppes; and Mike on the tractor.  We were able to get lots of limbs from the trees cut down and into a pile, and cleaned up around the bases of some of the trees around the list field.  I had a talk with the site owner and we really need to get a jump on our personal campsites.  We have until the next work weekend to get them marked for permanent cleanup and maintenance.  So, if we dont have a good turnout we might not have the priveledge to have them.  

Many thanks to V NV for going to Irials and cutting up the huge oak tree, loading it and unloading it at site.  We have plenty of firewood for the weekend!!  Thanks soooo much :) 

The next work weekend is the 12th and 13th of December.  I will be out during the week after Thanksgiving and the week before that weekend doing some work as I might not be available that weekend due to Ffynon Gath Yule that weekend.  I plan on working on the Amazon campsite and cleaning up the fenceline between the properties.  Anyone that wants to come out please let me know and I can work on a good day to do it. 


Again, thanks to those of you who have helped to make this a great event so far!!

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