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Such a loss of a fine person.  I knew Jeff since the 5th grade when we shared a desk in History.  When I remember him, I see him with his dirty blonde curls from before he had chemo.  When he surfaced in Raven's Fort at a party that John was having at his apartment, I had just come from work and had two carving knives in my hands and was still wearing my apron from The Feed Store and I'm sure I looked like an axe murderer with all the barbecue sauce staining me.  I hadn't seen him in years, and he was sans-curls, but how could I forget him.  He said he had been treated for testicular cancer, and I could see he had such a fire in him to live.  Truly, I think he made the best of the hand dealt to him and had such a dignity and humour that was a fine example of how to live one's life.  He went on to be fine Don, despite it all.  Carpe Diem!


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> This detailed message comes from Don Corvin, a life-long
> frined of Don Henri
> who had been Cadet to Don DoorMouse.
> Our condolences are sent to family and friends of Henri /
> Jeff Girard.
> Simonn & Tessa
> Brothers and Sisters, I am afraid I am
> the bearer of sad tidings.
> Ansteorran White Scarf number 53, Don Henri Molineaux, mka
> Jeff Girard, died
> yesterday on Thanksgiving in his sleep.  Jeff had
> spent many of the past
> years in constant pain from back and neck problems, and had
> been told
> recently that his condition had gotten to the point where
> surgery was no
> longer an option, and he would have to continue living as
> he was.  Jeff saw
> his doctor on Wednesday, and the doctor gave him a
> different type of pain
> medication to start using (some kind of patch is what
> I've been told). Jeff
> took the medication yesterday and laid down to rest before
> Thanksgiving
> dinner.  When his father went to wake him, Jeff was
> already cold.
> Paramedics were called, but there was nothing they could do
> and he
>  was
> pronounced.
> Jeff's family plans to cremate him.  We do not as
> of yet have any
> information regarding services, but as soon as we know
> anything I'll post it
> here.
> I'd known Jeff since the 7th Grade, and my Lady Anne
> had known him since
> first.  He was always a good friend, one who always
> had your back and was
> loved to laugh and make people smile.  He loved
> fencing and SCA with all his
> being, and was trying to make his way back into the Society
> he loved.
> Sadly, like so many of his hopes and dreams, life did not
> allow him his
> glory.
> Feel free to distribute as you see fit.
> Corvin Fenarro
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