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Thu Oct 1 06:01:53 PDT 2009

Greetings Raven's Fort,

I wanted to forward the email below from the Crown Site Improvement Committee post to the general public as it outlines work criteria directly from the land owner.

Also, Michael and I will be installing the underground power wire out to our area this weekend.
We  will begin Saturday morning starting around 9AM.
If you would like to help with this project or just work on the site, please feel free to come out.
I am posting updated directions below.


Directions to the New Crown Site near Conroe :


* Take I-45 north or south.

* Exit 105 and go east.  ( Turn Left from north / Right from south )

Go through Conroe.

Go 3.7 miles past the traffic light at 105 and loop 336.

You will past the Fire Department on the left, 

Then immutably past Austin Elementary on the right.

* Turn Left at the flashing light onto Willis Waukegan Road. ( Also called FM 2432 )

Go 3.0 miles.

* Turn Right onto Nicholson Road.  

( Nicholson Rd. is a U that comes back to the main road.  

If you come from the north it will be left on the second Nicholson Rd. )

* Turn Left into the third Driveway on the left.  

( 13342 Nicholson Road – Conroe – 77303 )  

*Drive past the house to the tin barn area.  ( and The Dome of Saint Amorous )

Michael Gamber is the owner.  936-499-1452    

This is the simple directions with the fewest turns.  There are quicker ways.  If you would like to find them, breakout your Texas map or do Google Map Search.  Good luck.

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From: Mike Gamber 
To: gundysiteimprovemetcommittee at yahoogroups.com 
Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 8:55 AM
Subject: Re: [gundysiteimprovemetcommittee] howdy...

  V NV is correct, the two biggest things that need to be done are clearing deadfall (both small and large) and clearing fencelines. I have been keeping the fields mowed down nicely so it looks pretty good out there. Your efforts will make it look that much better. Even in the already cleared fields there are lots of smaller sticks and branches that need to be picked up. Perfect kindling for the fire. 

As many of you know I have a nice tractor with a grapple on the front-end so we can pick up and move trees pretty easily. Need someone good with a chainsaw to cut the fallen trees into 8ft (max) lengths and then I can pick them up and haul them to either the shooting berm or the burn pile. Also need to cut up some of the larger trunks in the burn pile so we can get it cleaned up to maximize the parking area. 

One of the things that can be on the "list" that people can come out any time and do is weed-eating. Focus on the interior fence-lines and around the trees in the list-field. Also picking up small debris and throwing in the firepit is something even the least skilled of us can do to help out a lot. 

If people are scoping out permanent camp sites then they should be free to come out anytime and work on them in addition to the work-days. Anything that is large that needs to be moved if they will cut into 8ft lenghts and let me know I will go pick it up when I am free (most weekends). Camping is also welcome any weekend from now until the Jan. event. 

I am looking forward to this upcoming event and want to help make sure we make a strong first impression so you can count on me to put in a lot of effort to see things done. 

Mike Gamber (Land Owner) 

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>Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 00:48:34 -0500 
>From: "byzytym" <byzytym at att.net> 
>Subject: Re: [gundysiteimprovemetcommittee] howdy... 
>To: <gundysiteimprovemetcommittee at yahoogroups.com> 
> I will be there both days. 
> Noon will be tight for me on Sunday, but I shouldn't be too late. 
> I need to go out tomorrow so I will take a walk into the far back and 
> have a first hand look again. 
> Without looking though, I can tell you what needs to be done. 
> We need to remove the dead fall so we can brush-hog to clear camping 
> areas. 
> That is where the bulk of the work lies. 
> We made a very good start last year. 
> Now it is time to finish. 
> Weed-eating fence lines is always good too. 
> Mirabelis, you are the main Autocrat. 
> That means that you are the main Cheerleader. 
> Coax people out via the Raven's Fort post. 
> You have a charismatic personality. 
> People will do what you ask. 
> Tell them to bring shovels, rakes, hoes and weed-eaters. 
> Tell them to bring their camping stuff and something to grill. 
> The weather is getting cooler. 
> People should jump at the chance to have a campfire. 
> If we can get a good size crew out, we can knock this stuff out 
> quickly. 
> V NV 
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> From: kris hoffman 
> To: gundysiteimprovemetcommittee at yahoogroups.com 
> Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 6:59 PM 
> Subject: RE: [gundysiteimprovemetcommittee] howdy... 
> If i remember correctly Giovanna wont be in town that weekend so it 
> wont matter. i live 5 miles from site so i can be there whenever 
> anyone wants to get there. if we are going to have a site meeting i 
> would like to make sure that we can all get there...devin if you 
> can be on site sunday evening then lets try to nail down the time 
> that you could possibly be there. if you cant then it wont matter 
> so lets decide what time to make it. i can be there both days as 
> long as someone else is there to help i'm ready to do whatever. 
> cheers! 
> Mirabelis 
> ---------------------------------------------------------- 
> To: gundysiteimprovemetcommittee at yahoogroups.com 
> From: byzytym at att.net 
> Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 17:48:24 -0500 
> Subject: Re: [gundysiteimprovemetcommittee] howdy... 
> It is going to have to get closer for me to know that. 
> What time are you going to arrive ? 
> What ever time that is we can tell people to show then. 
> I know that Giovanna is an early bird if that helps. 
> You guys are in charge this time so you are calling the shots. 
> Crack that whip. 
> V NV 
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: lord devin/scooter 
> To: gundysiteimprovemetcommittee at yahoogroups.com 
> Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 5:21 PM 
> Subject: [gundysiteimprovemetcommittee] howdy... 
> ok. so here i am posting to the committee group list. this weekend 
> i am busy as well as the 10th. i may be able to make it sunday the 
> 11th. what time are others planning to arrive? 
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