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While I may not agree with those that choose to protest neither do I agree with our government and will defend the right of the protesters to do so. We need those willing to stand up to the government and those that cheer the government on to keep us aware that some time we can be lead down the path of destruction in the name of  fighting evil.



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I fought for mine.. and I a great disdane for anyone who would live in the country and say what you have said. 
Many men and women have died so you could live a good life. To protest is one thing, to disrespect those that have is another. I did not ask or did I want any information about protesting or protesters. I asked for information about heros and heros only. 

"If at first you dont succeed, excessive force is probably the answer"


I protested the war back in the 60s and 70s.
That is a form of service to this country.
If you love your freedoms, thank a protester.
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