[Ravensfort] heavy fighting for Sept. and etc.

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Sat Oct 10 06:24:29 PDT 2009

Anyone know of any heavy practices for Sept>? my report is due tomorrow. YIS, G
And about the war talk, although it has been enlightening, I prefer it be taken off list completely. It is perfectly fine to me for someone to ask the Populace a question off topic and ask for answers off list. I myself have done it because sometimes it is just needed since we can reach a large group of us that way. But do not answer an email that is to be taken privately then as an online RF list discussion. It defeats the purpose of the list and causes needless negative talk sometimes. If someone posts something you do not like please take your response privately so you are not making the same mistake they did. Our list is to remain positive and discussions are for our Baronial news. Things like this cause us to have negative reviews with the Kingdom, something I have been working hard as Seneschal to correct.I will now get off my soap box!  I have contacted our Moderators to closely watch the list and contact me with any negative discussions for

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