[Ravensfort] Upcoming work weekends at the new site!!

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It has been brought to my attention that the other group that uses the site will be having an event the weekend I had planned on having a camping work weekend.  So, that being said, we will plan on having a camping work weekend the 12th and 13th of December instead.  So, mark your calendars :)

Also, since the other group is using the site as well, they have offered to come out some weekends we will be out there to help out with site clean up.  I forwarded the list of things to do to them and since its a win win win situation for all parties involved I figured we'd be happy to have the help!!


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> Greetings to the list!! Your friendly Winter Autocrat here....
> now that we've gotten the list of what needs to be done on the site,
> let me let out some work weekends that are coming up on the new site.
> Please remember that I may not be available for many weekends, and am
> more than happy to go out during the week if I'm availalbe to do some
> work with someone so just shoot me an email if you want to go out!
> November 14th, 15th
> November 28th, 29th
> December 12th, 13th
> December 19th, 20th, this will be a camping weekend!!
> January 2nd, 3rd, final weekend before Crown
> In addition, this weekend looks to be gorgeous!! Anyone that wants to
> go out to work on site this weekend is more than encouraged to do so!
> Go get your campsites ready for mowing, kill the poison ivy, move some
> debris, search for treasure in the rubble of the fire, whatever
> tickles your fancy!! Theres lots to do!!!
> So, anyone that wants to go out just reply here so Mike knows you're
> comin!! I will be in San Antonio this weekend and won't be
> around......
> Cheers!
> Mirabelis

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