[Ravensfort] This weekend

Mike Gamber lococnc at consolidated.net
Fri Oct 16 07:37:02 PDT 2009

Never a shortage of things to do out there. Going to be a beautiful weekend. Doug and I will be focusing on getting the electricity finalized on Saturday afternoon. If we get that done then we will pull and stack the fenceposts. Sunday we will likely be finishing up the fence posts and cleaning out the barn so it is horse-remnants free. If we get all that done then we will start of smoothing out the parking area where the burn pile was.

Other things that would be nice to see worked on;

As always, pickup sticks/branches/other stuff in the fields and around trees so mowing is easier.

Grab a rake and we'll dump some sand on the holes or low areas on the list-field in particular. It will take someone on the ground with a rake to make it as smoothe as possible.

Weed-eat, I have a weedeater that you can use.

Pile debris on the firepit.

FYI, the barb-wire that the three lovely ladies pulled down this week has been removed. Thanks again for your work.

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