[Ravensfort] news and poll needed

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FWIW,  Gates Edge Yule party is Dec 19.  You are of course all welcome.


Sher M wrote:
> Reminder that weekend is scheduled as a camping work weekend.  However 
> at this stage you need to work on your private sites.  Mirabelis as 
> Autocrat has no problem with changing the camping weekend to the 
> weekend before Crown and changing Yule to the next weekend.
> Please chime in... NICELY!!!!!!!!!!
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>     Hello everyone, Bryn Gwlad was awesome this weekend and was
>     attended by 4 Raven's Forters. We talked up Crown and many are
>     coming to our event. I also learned from Their Excellency's
>     Stargate that they have changed their Yule to the same weekend as
>     ours. So I am taking a poll to see if you as a Populace want to
>     change it to the next weekend or keep it as is. Please email Runa
>     with this info as I am probably going out of the country
>     unexpectedly with my son tomorrow. His dad has been put in the
>     hospital this am in Ecuador and is not doing well. I will be gone
>     until Nov. 5 or so, not sure , don't know what to expect when we
>     get there. Pace will have our cell but it doesn't work unless we
>     are on the road. Runa hope this is okay with you as our
>     'administrative assistant! " xo G
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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