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Also throwing in my two cents as a student: Moving to the next weekend will throw a lot of Raven's Guild off as this is the weekend before finals start. I have not personally talked to any members yet about the potential date change, but I imagine quite a few students will be staying home to get more study time in that weekend. I have a meeting Wed. and will bring this up. 

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Greetings to all,

I see there is a debate online about changing our yule date... Please keep in mind that a large majority of our group work for TDCJ-ID.
Those people have to put in Leave Applications 90 days in advance. Those people who have already done that now have no way of changing their paper work at work because the "Time Books" are already booked up for December. Thats why we choose the date so far in advance already knowing whats on the kingdom calender....
Changing the date would not be fare to them. This is just my personal thoughts on the matter.

In Service,
Lord Malcolm

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