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Wed Oct 28 08:07:40 PDT 2009

Greetings!  Since I wasnt around this weekend, was wondering what all still needs to be done on site before Saturday.  I have tomorrow free of sorts, but seems like it will be raining, so I dont know if we will be able to get much done, but from the sounds of things it seems like things are rolling along very nicely!!

In lieu of this whole change the date thing for Yule, I do know after speaking with Giovanna this weekend that she was concerned about the TDC folks and thought it would be an issue for them but thought she would ask anyway.  Sounds like Yule will be the same date, Dec 5th, to accomodate those that have requested off and such.  No big deal, folks can do what they want to make them happy.  Our Yule is 2 days and we should be able to do what we need to around those 2 days to accomodate everyone as well as possible. 


So the camping work weekend will be the 12th/13th of December;  that being said i think by then basically all that will need to be done is work on your personal campsite.  I have been pushing this as a please come and camp weekend....so we need to make sure if at all possible we can have a good fire for folks to come warm themselves around!!! So, clean out your brush, kill the poison ivy, get your campsites clean and if at all possible marked so random folks that want to camp dont take your spot!!  We should also try to make sure that the general camping area is inviting as well.  So if we can possibly make a map that weeked as to where everyone is camping that would be great!!  I do know for a fact that the first weekend of January I will have some help on site from folks coming to town for New Years and will take care of any last minute duties before Crown Tourney.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come out that weekend as well and kick off the new year with helping to make this event a wonderful one...

Seems to me the last crown tourney I remember Ravens Fort hosting was dubbed "mud tourney".  This year I am striving to have a beautiful, wonderful day of pagentry!!!  I definately couldnt pull it off without the help of each and every one of you, whether you are in my face, or behind the scenes, everyone is just as important as the next in making this happen for the Barony!

Questions, Comments??? send them my way!!

Your happy go lucky crown autocrat...


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