[Ravensfort] Yule date still the same....but...just some thoughts.....

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Yule is the same date, we are not changing it.  I have had a thought or two about it though considering the venue and the competing stargate yule.....

Just throwing it out there, since its awful close to Crown Tourney date, not to say that our hosts havent been gracious enough to put their place up in the past, but what if we had a camp weekend at the new site for Yule??  Its a bit more centrally located for all members of the barony, we can have Yule for us on Sunday maybe??  If folks need a place to stay I know that there are plenty of places around the site to come home to for the night....just a suggestion to see if I can get anyone else's brains working the same direction....dunno just a thought.


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allow me to say, while trying desperately to ignore the prospect of cookies, that i was under the impression that the date had already been set for the first weekend in December. Has that date already been scratched or is this just a possibility of changing it?

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Sorry, I already have dibs on the oatmeal raisin cookies.  Go find your own.

Lady Runa of The Thundering Herd

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I like the way you think and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. As long as I get the oatmeal raisin cookies.

Ivan the Hedgehog
Cookie bandit

"Dan Smith Jr" <gogetdan at gmail.com> 10/28/2009 12:13 PM >>>
I disagree!  I believe people should be forced into slavery, tattooed,
micro-chipped, banded, and drug screaming to any event that I want them at!
Then they must give me all their cookies!!

Enough already?


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