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Baron Brian,

I will be filling water barrels and towers this weekend.
I need the water pump on site with gas Saturday morning, please sir.
I am hoping that all of the showers will be in good repair by Saturday mid-day.

I will also help move the Bardic Stage to the old Rose Garden area.

I have a birthday party to attend on Sunday so I need to knock out my stuff on Saturday if possible.
I do have next Friday off so I can help with some of the last minuet setup.

Vlod NotVlad

"Trust in Allah, but tie your camel"

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        Hello everyone, well this is it, the last work weekend before our event. Come on out this weekend and spruce up your campsite and help with other stuff going on. Tractors will be doing the big mowing. We need someone to dig (I have a post hole digger) the final 3 post holes in equestrian, concrete them in, (we have that on site and water to mix with it). Then install the corral boards with screws. We need someone to bring a small mower for the Stones  area. Alaric has a block to fix the broken one, I think. We need someone to sit the last gate shift too. We will be bringing  a small watermelon that Pace grew, our only one that made it. See you early Sat. morning. YIS, G


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