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This has also been cross posted on my Facebook for the those you this
may be your second look at it. Also have added an image.

A few weeks ago over at the Keep Dominique served an egg dish that was
like way over the top. :-) When I went to cook dinner tonight I got
thinking about her dish and using it for a base I came up with my own
dish. Not real sure if this is period or not but is is quick easy and

Items needed:
7 large eggs
1 cup of elbow noodles
a pinch of garlic
a glass bead pan.
1 table spoon butter ( the real stuff)
ham sandwich meat
turkey sandwich meat


If you need to preheat over to 375. Use the butter and butter up the
bread pan. Place elbow noodles in a pot of water let boil to the
noodles are about 1/2 cooked strain the water off. While the noodles
are boiling crack the eggs open and place in a dish add the garlic and
whip the eggs like a mad person. When you have finished whipping the
eggs your noodles should be about ready. If they are ready remove from
heat and drain off water then place noodles in the bread pan. After
you have placed the noodles in the bread pan dump the whipped eggs
over the noodles and gently mix them together. ( the eggs have had a
bad time up to this point.) Then take as much or as little of the
sandwich meat as you like rip it up with your hand and plop it in to
the egg noodle mixture. then gently mix the sandwich meat in. ( after
all you have just ripped it apart with your hands so you can be nice
at this point.) Place in oven for 43 minutes ( a number like 40 or 45
would be way to easy) after you have cooked up this great meal ( yes I
am bragging on myself) remove from oven let cool then dive in.

I am sure that Dominique knows the true and correct name for this type
of meal but I like to call it egg loaf :-) I'm sorry Dominique but it
is the redneck in that forces me to call it egg loaf :-)

Lemoine de Gascony MKA "L.D. Beers" loco.cerveza at gmail.com
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