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Hello to the Great Barony of Ravens Fort,


Eaven if we get the predicted rain this weekend, we are still several inches below normal.  I know that the burn ban was continued for another 90 days, so that means No open fires.  the only fires allowed under the burn ban is if they are in an inclosed container with a lid (BBQ pits, grills, etc.).  Camp stoves are also allowed.  


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I talked to our feastocrat last night and everything is on schedule. He is now working in Shreveport near his home of Beaumont. He will arrive next Friday evening on site and believes he will have feast ready when we are on Sat. evening. He is not getting any idea on feast reservations, so I guess our person who is running accepts is who we need to contact on all of that. I need the contact info for who that is so I can check on it. He has Dolphin helping with feast cooking etc. and he has been trying to contact Busa but to no avail. He will call for servers as he cooks on Sat. and I told him that we have several college students who will be interested. So I would suggest to anyone who wishes to serve to wait until you see him on site. Vlod, he wants you to bring the food items you have to site on Friday thawed out. Does this work for you? And the parking permits are AWESOME, you are sooo helping me!! xo to everyone,   to be said in the Woodstock tradition=  NO RAIN no rain! It can rain now so we can have campfires however!   :)  I again want to thank everyone who has been working to make this event happen, it has made my life easier especially with the mundane things that have beeng going on in my life. love you guys!

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i would suggest if you are going to volunteer to help serve feast at our event that you contact the feastocrat and ask him if he needs help...then you would not have to spend the money and wait for a refund. or you could take your chances and wait till the event.

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If you are helping in the kitchen and so receiving a free feast from the Feastocrat you will have to get with the head troll, make a request for a feast fee refund ( freeing another feast to be sold ) and then the Barony will mail you a refund check after the event.  It is a pain, but it is SCA policy and can not be broken.  Sorry to be the messenger of bad tidings, but at least you do get your money back.
Or... (this is the Marius in me speaking now)  if you go ahead and buy your feast too, you could probably sell  it on the Black Market as the feast is sure to be a sell out.

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If we registered on ACCEPS, do we still need to reserve feast with the Feast Steward?

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Feast reservations go to the Feastocrat.
Please see email address in newsletter adds or the web-page.

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Who do we send our feast reservations too and/or volunteer to help serve feast?

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