[Ravensfort] Troll Booth Comp List so far

trisha marlowe sillyzills at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 15 17:06:24 PDT 2009

These are the names that have made it to the Comp List.

Jason Lefevre

Amy Stone 

and son Keller

Jeremy Gilbert

Eric Ramos

Casandra Gonzalez

Matthew Jackson

Christina Davis

Kevin and Danielle Browning

If you have and interested event virgin and would like to see their name on this list, get it to me ASAP.
Will also need the mundane names of HRM and her entourage ASAP.
Alaric and I plan on being on site as early as we can on Friday so if you want a name on the master list, 
  need the names by Thor's Day evening.

That is all.   Tareija out (so Mary Canary and I can paint more Sweinsheets for camp)


  ~*~ trisha


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