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Don't know about the sound of rats eating Cheetos. But the sound of Golden Tegu crunching on said rats is, hmm, crunchy ;)
Kitsune, running away

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>Yet another bonus with ACCEPS - when you arrive at gate, all you do is confirm your a paid membership or sign the waiver sheet & sign your name!!!  No filling out gate sheets!  You did all that before while online...
>Just let the people know who are working gate when your arrive that you paid with ACCEPS before they attempt to point you to the gate sheet book  (it can really mess up the paperwork...)
And if done while the large, angry visigoth is working troll he might send the plague rats after you... ok, no he won't, he likes his plague rats.

That reminds me, I need to go get the leashes for the plague rats, Castor and Pollux. No teasing the plague rats, and if they see you with Cheetos they may pounce upon you to get said Cheetos. Ever hear the noise made by 11 plague rats eating Cheetos?
Gundy and the plague rats
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