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Wonder how bad the hospital would freak out if a bunch of us showed up in garb on Sat or Sun?

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  He guys,

              I have an update on Mike.  It looks like he is having surgery tomorrow morning.  They are going to remove the infected tissue since the antibiotics did not make much of a difference.  He will probably be in Huntsville Memorial Hospital until Sunday or Monday.  The MD says that it will take about 6 months of therapy, but this is way better than the alternative.  Stop in and say "Hi" he is in room 232 and would like some company.   Thanks for listening. 


  Be seeing you, Charles



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  Mike Twincedars in in the hospital.  He has a nasty infection on his foot and they are treating him with many antibiotics.  They will probably keep him for another day or two.
  He would love visitors.
  His room number is 232.


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