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Hello everyone, I want to remind the officers and other interested populace that this Thursday night at 7pm at Van Thong's we will have our monthly meeting. Please bring any receipts you have to the meeting. If you aren't coming please email Charles a total so we can at least see how our finances are looking from the event.
  Now for the surprise! Our feast costs were covered by an anonymous donor!!!!! We don't know who it is only our awesome feastocrat Lord Elrique knows and he isn't telling. This means that we will finally be in the black for sure and can expect at least a small profit from our event! Vivat to the  anonymous donor! We love you!!!! And I feel confident saying thank you from our entire Barony! 
   I  want to thank every single person who is part of this Barony for helping put on an awesome event. It takes so many people to do it right and we did it! The contest were great with many contestants from all over our Kingdom and even others!  The equestrian community showed up with at least 20 horses  That was the most they have seen at an event in forever!  They had many compliments for us and our efforts.The dedication for our Morningstar field was very touching with words and horses parading by us with happy faces on the riders. Then the riderless horse with backwards boot was very moving with some tears shed about our missed friend Janet.
   The student guild showed up in full force and were everywhere working for the Barony too. Many compliments were paid to them. Their youth and energy were contagious to us all.
   The Queen was beautiful in her presence with us and was happy to be there. She had met His Majesty at a past Defender!!
   I would try to name individual names to thank but I can't think of a person in our Barony who didn't sacrifice long hours to help in some way. And that is the best news yet.
  Our champion names will be forthcoming but I can announce that our own LD is our new A&S champion! Vivat to LD for his leather work. I would like all those who entered to bring their art to Oct. Populace so we can see them.
   I also would love to see at Populace, Amelia's garb made by Dom. It was gorgeous but a little dark to see it well. I have heard much about it. Amelia was so cute telling everyone "Shhh, I have a secret for my daddy but don't tell him!"  She came to him in court with a message for Yoshi!!
   Several members of our Populace got awards as well and we will announce them at Populace.
  Then the party at night with Devin's Sweinbrothar initiation was so entertaining! And the Porkulus band was very cool and made the ambiance of the evening complete.
               Take a much earned rest everyone and thank you from the bottom of my heart! 
Love, Giovanna

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