[Ravensfort] Fight for France (and the coast)

mike dowdy mdowdy999 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 24 21:23:24 PDT 2009

I Michael of Gravesend, Commander of the Free Companys of the Coast send these words. 


War comes, Will you stand with me, Isebella of France(3 queens), and her General, the mighty Ulstead. Will you join the other factions, or will you stand aside as you watch the heros of the coast stand for France. Brothers and sisters I ask you to take up the sword, the bow, and your faith. Stand ready to fight and win. You are the friends, the fathers, the mothers, the brothers and sisters I know so well. Stand up and let loose that fury that the fighters of the coast are known for. I stand with Isebella and her general Ulstead, duke, knight, .. and a Coastal Hero. Let our charge again strike fear in the heats of those before us. Let our relentless determination be our standard. Let our heart be the words that are spoken to put fear in our foes. 

We are the heros, each and every one. 

Stand with Isebella and let us prove again. 




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