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Sun Sep 27 21:42:32 PDT 2009

Many thanks to Baron Brian for bringing out his chainsaw 
and helping cut up the branches of the 
Dreaming Tree that were useable for fire wood.  
Had it stayed on the damp ground all winter it would have been useless.
That would have been a shame.

Many thanks also to Saint David and Michelle for helping to load 
the firewood into my truck and unload at needed locations.

A large load was delivered to Saint David of the Tractor's 
uncle Shelby's home across from The Stones site.
It is Shelby's tractor that Saint David used to save three events. 
You have seen it time and again at work days.

Another large load was delivered to the Raven's Guild camp.
They didn't ask for it, but it is good hard wood and should serve them well.

A third load was delivered to the New Crown Site near Conroe.
The ashes of the Dreaming Tree will bring a bit of The Stones to our new location.

A truck load of scraps too small or odd shaped to fit a fireplace 
was cleared and is now the base of our next event bonfire.

All that is left at the stump are trunks too large to fit into a fireplace 
and a very few small branches that will easily disappear in one trip.  
DSD said that he may take a shot at the trunks with his log splitter.

Of course there are the two large trunks that Brian would like to have milled.  
To use the lumber on objects that will continue to server our Barony 
would be a very meaningful tribute for many of us.
Thrones have been mentioned.
Perhaps a matching table ??
I believe he will need help when it comes time to transport the giants.
Please attend when the time comes.

As of October 1st The Stones Site will close for SCA use till the end of January.
The land owner and friends use the site for deer season at that time.
Saint David has a personal relationship with his neighbor, the land owner
and so needs no SCA sanction to enter The Stones site at any time.
I mention this only to explain any post by the Lord of the Manor 
of goings on during the fall and early winter dead time.

In closing, I would like to offer many thanks to EVERYONE that work at The Stones.
The transformation from what the place looked like a year and a half ago...
and then, even worse, a year ago, is truly remarkable.
Though there was the odd fallen tree in out of the way places,
over all the site looked excellent for Defender of the Fort.
Your hard work has made our Barony look very good.
Raven's Fort has a lot to be proud of.

Vlod NotVlad
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