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Vivat to the Raven's Guild members who helped serve feast & the other six or so who stepped up to the plate (pun intended) to help out!!!  They took to serving like raven's take to... well, you get the gest of it all.  And they all put up with myself and Crowley giving directions very well and worked wonderful.  Thank you all!


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It seems everyone had a good time this weekend.
Congratulations to Giovanna on a very smooth event.
Some were moved to tears at the dedication of Morning Star Field.
The competitions were all well met.
Feast was never ending and delicious.
Nice job to all that served.  
It came out quickly and in a logical order.
Don't laugh, I've had rice served after dessert before.
Never in Raven's Fort of course.
Porkulus was an excellent true period style cap for the evening.
Devin, you were nothing short of impressive at your initiation..
I would like for you to give a few pointers to my wife.
Maybe even teach a workshop.
I'm sure that others would love to learn some of your tricks after seeing your performance.
The site is ready for the winter.
The water barrels have been emptied and stored.
The Equestrian stalls have been disassembled.
Giovanna and I made the rounds of the campsites to make sure all fires were out.
The only thing smoldering was the bonfire which will be looked after by one of the ranch hands.
Many thanks to everyone in the Barony that worked so hard for the last year and a half to bring Defender to a successful conclusion.
We have a great team of devoted individuals.
This weekend was living proof of what can be done when set our goals high and donate our efforts with a smile.
Long live the Ravens.
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