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A Gulf War Pity Party is an excellent idea.

I camped at the Timbrend Forest site this weekend.
Michael and I got to talk a bit about Kitchen plans.
There is some de-construction to be done before the construction can begin.
A work day would easily be enough for that.
An on site gathering would also allow those of us that have ideas for
door, window and appliance placement to have a look and bend an ear.
I plan to attend Populace Meeting this week,
so for those of you that are interested,
I can draw a sketch of what we've talked about.
Michael will have the final say, but he is always open for suggestions.

Timbrend Forest is looking pretty sweet.
There are buds on all the trees and the scattered grass seed is getting 
My wife sent a few odds and ends from our flower beds that I put around the 
tavern area.
Once things start to recover form the winter freeze, I'll be planting more.

Michael plans to take down most of the rest of the fences on the property,
including two sides of the wooden corral area next to the kitchen.
That will give us extra parking and a more open look.

There are on going projects to be done.
That being said, if we do plan a Gulf Wars Pity Party,
perhaps we should focus on just a couple at the top of the list.
That would allow us time to cook and enjoy a relaxed gathering.

On a personal note...
The high point for my weekend was a late night,
flashlight free walk through the Timbrend Forest under the full moon.
Very nice.
My second favorite was the Vienna Sausage Brain exploding projectiles.
That was kinda interesting too.
Thanks Gundy.

Volod NotVlad

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> Greetings all,   We had snow. It snowed from 11am till 6pm and then some 
> after bed. All is melting this am.
>   How did our southern lands fare in this beautiful weather?
>  Lemoine, thanks for the review of the event from Bjornsberg. I love to 
> read posts like that and it was nice to see us represented at another 
> event. Thanks to all who traveled there.
>  I like the idea of a kitchen in the barn area at our southern site.I was 
> going to put its new name but it is long!   :)
> I wonder if we could put some see through sheets on the roof that is open 
> in order to create more light in there? That might be a good idea?
> We have some weekends open in March. Maybe we could have a Gulf War pity 
> work party? How many of us could do that?
>  Populace will be next Thursday at 7pm. Let's wear garb again. xo G
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