[Ravensfort] Populace news

Carolyn Pace ridgetopfarm at me.com
Fri Mar 5 05:58:04 PST 2010

Greetings all, last night our Populace meeting was well attended with over 25 people. The news is as follows- this Saturday at HE Brian 's house there will be an armor guild meeting for Gulf War. If you are interested please call Brian to get directions or updates etc.
 The last weekend of Gulf War is March 19-21. There will be a pity party held at the Stones for those interested. It would be a good time to clean up camp sites etc. for our event coming in Sept. WHICH by the way needs an autocrat. Some discussion was held about not having feast for every event we hold. Lack of taverns is one drawback for this but much discussion still needs to be held on this subject.
  All officers' reports are due to me and their regional today. I need dates of fighter practices etc.
  The deadline is drawing near for applications for Seneschal and Reeve. It is April 31. Round table would need to be attended in July for both of these positions. We need someone to become Charles' deputy asap. As Malcolm stated last night we cannot still maintain our Baronial status without a Reeve, time is of the essence.  We expect an announcement soon as to who our new Herald will be.
  Much traveling has been done by our Rapier community. They have represented us well at several events. Vivat to them for supporting our name out there and they are smokin' on the Rapier front from what I hear!!
  Some discussion was also held about the new Sherwood Forest site near Austin. It is a beautiful site and is up and running. A booth could be built there by our Barony or we can also put up a pavilion if we want to get in on the ground floor. Alaric  will check on rules etc. for the possibility of doing some options there.
  We also talked of the date for spring 2012. Malcolm will look up available dates and begin to secure one for us.
  We met Shanahan's new baby boy and he sure is a cutie. I bet he and Chloe would have fun at the Stones! 
  We also discussed an easier way to make scrolls for each award  and the new Herald could research this possibility.
  I believe that is all but please feel free to get on the list and tell us of anything I have forgotten.
   YIS, Giovanna

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