[Ravensfort] Lady Loarraine

Eisenhauer, Elke STDEJE14 at SHSU.EDU
Tue Mar 16 16:21:41 PDT 2010

I found this on her Facebook page. This was written by her daughter Michelle.

As you probably know by now my mom died earlier today from her cancer. She had fought a long hard battle. My father and I were able to be there with her and she slipped away easily.

We are planning her funeral for this coming Thursday (March 18). The service is tentatively scheduled to begin at 2 pm. My brother Michael is on his way home from Nigeria and other family members are travelling from out of state to say good by to her so we may have to adjust the starting time depending on their travel.

She will be eulogized by a family friend who is a minister. Anyone who would like to is welcome to share some words about her. Please feel free to bring photos or small mementos to place in the casket with her. I will have markers availabe for anyone who wants to write or draw something on her casket lid.

Children are welcome at the funeral but there will be no child care provided.

In case you're unaware, we are burying her here at the farm. We have registered part of the property as a family cemetery. It will be a green burial meaning no embalming and no chemically treated wood in her casket. This is what she wanted and I am happy to be able to do this for her.

After her funeral we would like to celebrate her life with a potluck meal and a bonfire. This is something we do often here at the farm and something Mom really enjoyed. Please feel free to bring food or drinks and if you have tables and chairs please bring those too. Send me an email for directions or if you have any questions. Her funeral is open to anyone who knew and loved her.

If you are unable to come to the funeral, there will be a memorial service for her at a later date held at my father's Elks lodge.

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