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Unto the good populace of Raven's Fort doth Brian and Fionna, your Baron and Baroness send good wishes and pleasant tidings.
Gulf Wars was a victorious event for Ansteorra! Many a great tale have been told by those arriving back from the war. Lady Runa, Lord Alaric, Ladys Tirasia and Meribellis were just a few who traveled from our lands to the war. I ame sure that they have many stories to tell of the event!
We have our Defender Event to plan. We will need each officer to tend to their areas of responsability for the event to run smoothly. The knight marshal, rapier marshal, A&S minister and herald will need to coordinate with last years champions to insure all the events activities are organized and any needs are met. Equestrian and archery will need coordinaters as will the brewing and vintning competition. Hopefully our event stewart will be chosen soon to help with the organizing of the event! If intrested please contact the Seneschal Lady Giovanna.
Lastly, it is with great mourning that I share with you the passing of Lady Lorrain Fraiser our past equestrian champion and dear friend of the barony. While many of our kingdom were attending gulf wars she slipped off silently at her home near the coastal lands of Stargate. She will be missed by many. The equesterian arena feels the loss of one of it's finest champions. I hope we all remember her in the way she loved life and shared with any one who wanted to learn about horsemanship.


Your Baron and Baroness,

Brian and Fionna     

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