[Ravensfort] Work at The Raven's Oaks of Timbrend Forest

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fyi, alaric and i will not be there this weekend.  we already had plans to be at Sherwood Forest Faire.

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> Just to add to this;
> We did a little mowing and picking up in the main "list field" today, but there is still a TON of branches and deadfall to pickup on the rest of the property (parking field, camp sites, etc.) In fact I would like to ask that next weekend be made a special request weekend, I would also like to ask for help on the front part of the property with picking up. I know that when people first drive in the place does not look so great (not near as nice as out back), this is because I can't mow with all the stuff on the ground up there. If we can get it all picked up then I can keep ALL the property mowed and looking nice.
> Please make an effort to show up on the date you choose at your meeting, even if it is only for a few hours your help will be greatly appreciated!
> Also feel free to just come out anytime during the week if thats all you have the schedule to do and pickup stuff and add to the pile near the tavern.
> Thanks,
> Mike Gamber
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> >
> > Yesterday was a very productive day at the Timbrend Forest site.
> > Or should I say destructive.
> > The corrals that will become the kitchen area have been removed.
> > All of the lower tin in the area has been pulled off.
> > The hay and other muck cleared out as well.
> > Michael will now add a little fill dirt to avoid standing water.
> > With the addition of extra pole bracing
> > we'll be ready to start on the kitchen floor.
> > 
> > I completed the first spring grass cutting in the tavern area
> > and spread grass seed on the areas that didn't take with the first
> > broadcast.
> > The leaves have sprouted on the oaks and the site looks great.
> > 
> > The timber cut that has cluttered the entire front area of the
> > property
> > since the hurricane has been hauled to a pile just outside of the
> > tavern
> > and is ready to burn.
> > Michael would like to torch it ASAP so that
> > the spring growing season will cover the remains quickly.
> > A nice big fire seems like a good excuse for us Ravens to gather.
> > 
> > Michael would like a little help with
> > picking up the winter fall branches
> > so that he can run the mowing tractor over the fields
> > without damaging the blades.
> > This is a once a year Spring time clean up thing.
> > At Populace meeting,
> > I will suggest that we select a day over the
> > Easter weekend to put forth a little effort at the site
> > which is being crafted with our needs in mind.
> > Yes, our next event will be at The Stones ( SCA policy allowing ),
> > but that does not mean that we should forget maintenance on our other
> > assists.
> > 
> > Details for projects in the southern part of our Barony are being laid
> > out.
> > Your ideas and participation are welcome.
> > 
> > Peace,
> > Volod NotVlad
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