[Ravensfort] Populace etc.

Carolyn Pace ridgetopfarm at me.com
Tue Mar 30 05:54:18 PDT 2010

Greetings everyone, Populace will be this Thursday at 7pm. Garb is encouraged. Congratulations to Lady Klar and thank you for stepping up and helping out our Barony. Speaking of- you knew I had to say it!- Our Reeve position still has NO applicants. The deadline is April 30 for applications. It is for real and Charles will step down in June, no staying on because no one filled it! He is wearing many hats for us- with Rapier Marshall duties, traveling with the students to represent our Barony at other events and then being the contact person for Raven's Guild. He is doing it all plus Reeve and has done an awesome job.  I am sure someone out there could do the Reeve part by itself. He has streamlined it online and would be available to help. It would be for only a few events if you do the standard 2 years. Please someone step up and do this. Okay I will stop now but it is important as you may guess. YIS, G 
Officers don't forget your reports are due by the 5th to me and your regional.

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