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This past weekend Thalassa and I traveled South to the lands of Seawinds to support their Defender event.  The site was gorgeous, nice trees all around, and the weather proved to be fantastic!!  It was a small event, about 75 people or so in attendance, so it was very close and intimate for all involved.
Thalassa and I were honored to do the list mistressing for the Rapier Tournament.  There were 8 fighters signed up, and it was a great tournament!!!  The Chivlaric had about as many, and from our position they seemed to be having a good time!  There was a good turn out for Archery as well where Thalassa was also list mistress, a good time was also had by all there! 
Also during court Mistress Hillary received a Sable Thistle and your very own Mirabelis received her Sable Crane! 

Because I am not quite the writer, I am going to copy the event report from Lord Wayland:

Seawinds Defender Champions:
Chivalirc: Centurion Alexius!
Rapier: Don Mateo Montero de Madrid!
Arts and Sciences: Honorable Lady Caitriona inghen mhic Lochlainn!
Gustatory: Honorable Lady Oksana Goncharova
Archery: Lord Kurosh al-Din
Bardic: Lord Hallgeirr Olafsson
Also, a stick horse challenge was held to entertain the Ladies Tea. The 
competitors were blindfolded and had to ride through a Saracen head 
course, guided by the enthusiastic cheers of the Ladies. Riders were 
timed and the fastest was none other than the son of Their Excellencies 
from Loch Soilleir.
-Our newest and probably youngest ever, Equestrian Defender  - Connor 
Congratulations to all of our newest champions!
  Duke Kein MacEwan did a great job of running the chivalric list. We 
fought in a wonderful variety of scenarios. A truly challenging  and 
exciting tourney!!!!!
His Excellency Don Caelan and Lorenzo of Bryn Gwlad ran the rapier 
tourney. There were a -ton- of rapier fighters! I overheard plenty of 
talk afterwards about how much all enjoyed it.
Speaking of rapier fighters . . . My sympathy to any who missed Lisette 
in what I hear was her first archery competition! She really brings so 
much enjoyment to all around her!
Mirabelis, Sonya and Thalassa were fantastic list mistresses. My 
co-autocrat Yuming, got to herald court for her first time ever and was 
simply amazing!
  I'm so glad everyone chipped in and worked like crazy to make sure 
this event was so enjoyable. We only had a few small glitches and each 
time there was another person ready to jump in and help get things 
done. Way to pull together guys!
  Many thanks to Their Excellencies Caelan & Rhiannon of the Loch and 
Baroness Suzanne from Bjornsborg for their royal presence, help and 
Event Steward
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