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Ok, can we just start doing something that should be done because I for one feel totally out of every loop that is being made getting ready for this event, and my plate is full enough as it is.

Can we possibly have some person, a scribe a herald a someone, to do minutes for these meetings, populace an Business, so the people who actually cant come to every single one all the time can have an idea of what is going on?  That would be greatly appreciated by not only me but other members as well I'm sure.

In lieu of business not being when it usually is, anyone that has something to give to the auction bring it with you this weekend to work weekend, or bring it to the event on Friday, no later than say 8am on Saturday morning.  I will be on site for work weekend more than likely Sunday, so if you know someone who is going to be there give it to them and they can leave it for me in the kitchen or some such and I can get it.


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Business meeting will be held the week 
after the event.  That was discussed at the last business 
Lady Runa of The Thundering Herd


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As you all may or may not know, I am trying to get a silent 
  auction together to raise funds for the Barony.  Being the good Reeve 
  that I am, I want to fill our coffers with gold for future projects!!  
  Therefore, we are having a silent auction at Defender of the Fort!!

  you have anything you would like to donate for the silent auction, get it to 
  me in the weeks before the event, ie Business meeting, give it to someone else 
  who will get it to me, or bring it to me on Friday when we are doing site set 
  up.  I need to have things to me before the start of the days events on 
  Saturday to get it set up.  So please donate donate 



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