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Dom's idea of a "tip Jar" is a really good one!  We could decorate it w/ the Baronial arms or something.  That would let all of us in the Barony know what it is without having others in attendance feel pressured to do so.  Of course, ALL donations would be greatefully accepted.  We know that there are those who would do that anyway.  It's all good.

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All we need to do is set up a donation jar at the kitchen and let all the Raven's Forters know about it.??? We shouldn't try to influence our visitors to contribute to what basically are Raven's Fort's operating funds.? That's just crass.
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From: Carolyn Pace <ridgetopfarm at me.com>
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How will we do the donation part at gate? It could be nightmare if people donate and some are free also? Maybe I am not seeing the whole pic. How about a donation jar? Or am I just not seeing it. And are we going to count till 100 and then start charging for feast or no feast at all after 100? G? We need a list of who is comp. too etc.? Brian could you get on the Ansteorra list and remind about our event? Do we still need to do this? I see lots of reminders of other events etc. How about gravel for our driveway? I am concerned also about Feb. investiture being rainy and muddy?? Okay I am borrowing trouble here I know. ;)
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