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Subject: [Ansteorra] Ffynnon Gath War of Ages Updates

> We have updated our website with some new information regarding the event
> site; Sherwood Forest Faire.  In an effort to insure that everyone gets 
> the
> information please note these new additions:
> Ground fires are no longer permitted on site.  No wood or charcoal fire 
> pits
> will be allowed.  Propane torches & heaters, fire pits or places that use
> propane are allowed.  Tiki torches are allowed but please be very careful
> with them.
> These changes are being made because the faire site owners are being
> gracious in allowing us to camp inside the faire grounds.  It is our job 
> to
> insure that we don't scorch those grounds, leave behind little burned wood
> piles or anything else that might damage the site.
> Parking: No cars will be allowed into the faire village except for loading
> and unloading.  All car traffic must stay on designated lanes.  We will be
> strictly enforcing moving cars to the parking lot.  All of the activities
> for the event will be taking place inside the village.  So we must ask 
> that
> cars be moved ASAP.
> ACCEPS: Should be open and ready to go Wednesday September 15th.
> If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message.
> Robert de Bray
> War of Ages
> Event Steward

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